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Garry Lavin

Designer and Television Presenter - Art Design Engineering Innovation - Stonehenge Reconstruction


Garry Lavin at the Aiggin Stone, Blackstone Edge, Littleborough,  Lancashire

Garry Lavin- television presenter, product designer, special vehicle constructor, fabricator, university lecturer, artist, raconteur, jazz singer

Garry Lavin put the Isle of Man on the map this July as Presenter on BBC ONE's Chis Evans edition of THE ONE SHOW - reporting on Excalibur Almaz, the island based space tourism venture

Forged in't Pennines (with added Scarborough, Forest of Dean, Isle of Man and the mills of New England)

Illustration by Garry Lavin of how his successful  stone rolling theory  may have looked in the Neolithic period,  5000 years ago

Garry's theory and radical reconstruction of hauling the bluestones to STONEHENGE was recently filmed by Bearkatt Productions and featured on Discovery Channel Canada daily science show -'THE DAILY PLANET'

The online Daily Mail and BBC Isle of Man website also published in-depth articles.

THE DAILY PLANET is a massively popular daily science show with an excellent report on Garry's plausible new theory on how 100 bluestones were moved 200 miles from Wales to Stonehenge and his re-creation of the methods used.

Be warned, Garry's astonishingly simple lateral thinking could seriously damage any preconceptions you may have - here.

His theory, based on existing materials evidence and tested over several years in a variety of locations, is that neolithic man wove several layers of basket around the stones and rolled them laterally.

The story of his reconstructions has gone around the world to
positive acclaim and excitement and with great interest generated in Garry's planned hauling of a 4 tonne stone from south Wales to Stonehenge in the summer of 2012

(maybe it should be an Olympic event!).

Follow this link to the


or follow this link to see the whole, entertaining Daily Planet show:


Garry's BBC TWO Science / Design / Social History series

See Garry exploring inventions and the history of domestic gadgets and
in the immerse himself (probably the original TV immersee) on his hit BBC TWO television history,
science and technology show - plus presenting live on Channel 4 breakfast television and clips from his other shows on science, design and technology at:


'The birth of a new television character
- very engaging - a big future in TV ahead'
- Michael Parkinson Show, BBC Radio 2

'A true original ....
Garry Lavin is probably singularly
responsible for the re-birth of the
diagram on television'
- Sunday Telegraph

'Must see!' - Daily Express
'A worthy successor to Fred Dibnah
- and then some!'
- Manchester Evening News

'Anyone who can make a fridge interesting
deserves a warm welcome to television!
- TV Times

'A presenter with attitude........
only physics lessons at school had been so interes
ting!' - Huddersfield Examiner

Garry's knowledgable hands-on product engineering approach and drawing diagrams on the camera 'lens', objects and the landscape
went on to influence many shows.

Garry's mock-up of his Bluestones to Stonehenge project - soon to be trialled full size

Garry Lavin's many layered woven sapling basket with end section of 'bluestone' - rolling half a mile near to Stonehenge in June 2010

Special wood supplies forthcoming, his 'basket' theory will be demonstrated with a stone of between 3-4 tonnes in weight - as per the Bluestones this summer / early autumn - with possible coverage by BBC television.

'I now have insights into Neolithic technology and life that I could only get with hands-on work ' says Garry. 'These revelations have informed my own design work which in turn has opened up more avenues of original thought and design ideas'.

Follow the link here for story on the BBC world news website
- unfortunately there is a mistake on the weights, the smaller weights refer to the small models while the stone in the full diameter large 'basket' is approx. three quarters of a tonne:

Follow the link here:
to the Daily Mail Science Section on the work of technologist
and designer Garry Lavin's successful re-creation of the
method of moving the Bluestones 200 miles from Wales to Stonehenge 5000 years ago, based on his extensive research into evidence from the neolithic period and his unique
practical engineering experience and lateral thinking.

On reflection, maybe Garry has simply stumbled upon a
design for a Neolithic monster truck...
















Follow this link to Garry's WORKREEL for reviews and designs Click here for more info on Garry Lavin

Apart from continuing to develop product designs and innovations,
ideas, engineering and illustrations, Garry continues to host events and
creates satirical cartoons during special live performances.

For television and media production information and 'The Man Who Moved The Stones' taster DVD see:

BBC ONE BIG CAT DIARY Simon  King using a sliding camera mount originally designed by Garry Lavin
One of Garry's specially designed  and made armored camera vehicles made for BBC ONE's 'SPY IN THE....' series
Click here for Garry's own

In almost every office in the World, you'll see the cause of sensible recycling made prominent by the addition of a giant practical cardboard waste bin.

Unbelievably, nothing like them existed until Garry thought laterally and created 'BIG-BIN' with ACORN OFFICE of Gloucestershire - to bring rubbish out from under the desk and to raise the profile of waste disposaL.

At the same time, Garry realised the potential of branding, with the first dedicated branded bins being produced for Coca-Cola and currently Cadbury and Lucozade.


What with all the events in the Middle East and North Africa, media commentators are referring to 'The Wind of Change'- remember you saw it first here, from Christmas 2010.

©Garry Lavin 2010 and 2011

BBC TWO television's beer and pub show
'Oz and Hugh Raise the Bar' with Oz Clark and Hugh Dennis
recently came from innovative brewery and long-time friends of Garry,

Spooky and timely as Garry Lavin harvested the willow used to build the 'basket'- used to float 800 kilos of stone in water and to recreate the stone rolling to Stonehenge - from the plantation at the brewery's bio-effluent facility.
Purity MD Paul Halsey says 'I've known Garry quite some years now and I never fail to be amazed by his creativity and innovations but I always find his energy, humour and enthusiasm infectious and his insight and practical experience always seem to be right on target'.

And of course Garry hopes to whet his thirst during the rolling stones expedition with a few pints of UBU, Mad Goose or Golden Ale.

If you are interested in hiring Garry or sponsoring
Garry's historical research expedition, contact: