AADSAFARI vehicle bodywork often contains fibreglass (GRP, fiberglass) panels, with or without Kevlar strengthening. Consequently we can design, supply and fit interior boat mouldings and structures, bus and truck panels, promotional vehicles and exhibitions and props and costumes for film and television.

Damaged vehicle and boat panels can be isolated, removed and replaced. Moulds can be made in order to duplicate parts etc..

 Film and Television Camera Vehicles
We convert 110, 130 Defenders and Discovery to customer specifications for safaris and expeditions or dual use seating and command areas.

Illustrated is a Landrover Defender 130 based armoured observation vehicle with raised roof and extra large tinted windows, roll cage and reinforced roof platform and many other unique features that allow greater options when it comes to wildlife camera work. Recently featured in BBC ONE's groundbreaking animal live-action drama, 'Pride', starring Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Jim Baxendale and Robbie Coltrane.

We design and build special truck / vehicle bodies and other glass fibre bus panels etc..


 Rescue Vehicles and Ambulances

Also illustrated - special Landrover Defender 130 4 x4 mountain rescue ambulance. Not only capable of carrying two stretchers, this vehicle can also carry 5 crew in comfort with secure storage for climbing and medical equipment.

With plenty of interior headroom; excellent all-round vision; special wide fold-away access step and reinforced bodywork; weight distribution to aid handling - it is specially designed and constructed according to specific client needs.

Also illustrated - special 4 x4 armoured ambulance and jungle command vehicle - with roll-over protection, roof storage, winch, built-in medical sample fridge and quick-convert insignia and blue lights.


 Safari and Tours Vehicles

We fit fuel tank / diff guards steering and transmission guards  on Landrover Defenders, Landrover Discoverys, Range Rovers prepared for rough terrain safari work etc..

We also fit engine and gearbox breathers for wading through water and dusty desert conditions on Landrover Defenders, Landrover Discovery and Range Rover.  We advise on alternative safari / expedition suspension and can fit winches and auxilliary power generation.

We also build Special Promotions and Show Vehicles and theme park props etc. 


AADSAFARI provides technology for major BBC wildlife film

Vehicle designer and Inventor reveals all on BBC2

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