Illustrated is a Landrover Defender 130 based armoured observation vehicle with unique features that allow greater options when it comes to wildlife camera work.
Recently featured in BBC ONE's groundbreaking animal live-action drama, 'PRIDE', starring Helen Mirren, Sean Bean, Kate Winslet, Jim Baxendale and Robbie Coltrane.

Also featured here are some of our safari tours vehicle options that allow ample luggage stowage, seating for up to 15 persons and great vision.

 Film and Television Camera Vehicles

The rise of Bristol's John Downer Productions Ltd. to the status of the World's foremost wildlife film production company was nearly halted when they found it impossible to find a 4x4 vehicle to act as a camera platform - and to deploy their self-propelled 'robot' cameras known as 'Dung-Cam' and 'Boulder-Cam'.

The usual Landrover and Toyota camera vehicles can be painfully cramped over a 12 hour day's filming.
Unlike the normal arrangement of driver with cameraman in the rear, John Downer needed the cameraman to double as driver with a second remote camera operative in the rear.

With just 7 weeks before production was to begin, JDP couldn't find a vehicle with a driver's door wide enough to use as a camera aperture and with enough room to accommodate robot cameras, robot camera operative, monitors and Director!

Luckily, John Downer Productions found AAD SAFARI VEHICLES. We began by assessing the real production needs of the team and designed outwards from that starting point.
Just five weeks from reciept of order, JDP took delivery of an armoured, fully fit-for-purpose vehicle that they describe as 'the Rolls-Royce of camera vehicles' .

The vehicle was an integral part of the production of BBC 1's groundbreaking drama, 'PRIDE' and a major feature of supporting programme, 'PRIDE - Talking With Animals' - the making of 'PRIDE'. The specially designed flexible camera mounting can be regularly seen on BBC 1's 'Big Cat Diary'.

Complete flexible multiple camera platform that can be supplied on Defender 130 or 110 chassis
with features that can include:

Protection against ramming by elephants, rhino and buffalo etc.

Integral large unique side camera platforms / cradles with discreet facility for deployment of self-propelled cameras
Extra large sliding windows for real panoramic view and real camera apertures
Specialy designed and made roof hatches with integral flexible camera mountings that allow instant transfer of camera from one side of vehicle to the other
Extra internal width and heigh. 

Excellent environment for working for long periods - power-points and workstation for on-screen monitoring of shots
Antennae for micro-wave camera signals.
Reinforced flat roof as working platform.
Variable seating arrangements (including special springing, rotation and variable interior geometry) with 'on-the-job' flexibility to suit changing wildlife spotting and camera needs.

Unique facility for driver-as-cameraman operation with custom built driving environment with unique flexible seat configuration.
Bespoke seat and cushion covers in hard-wearing dust resistant material with integral storage pockets for lenses, batteries and tape etc.
Purpose made cushions that double as beds and in-tansit camera protection.
Specially designed and made wet weather awnings with integral and stowable support system.

Split charge system with sockets for equipment hook-ups

Unique remote camera lift and deployment facilities

Equipment storage / lashing points

Wading / dust snorkel

Stowage for two spare wheels.

 Safari and Tours Vehicles

We fit fuel tank / diff guards steering and transmission guards  on Landrover Defenders, Landrover Discoverys, Range Rovers prepared for rough terrain safari work etc..

Amazing rebodied Landrover Defender 130 based special safari vehicle with all forward facing seats.
9, 10,11,12 or 13 seat configuration with massive luggage area.
High panoramic windows for real views of the terrain.
Easy luggage access from huge storage area.
Specially designed frame for added passenger safety.
An alternative solution is our special high roof Defender 110 with viewers roof hatch.

We also fit engine and gearbox breathers for wading through water and dusty desert conditions on Landrover Defenders, Landrover Discovery and Range Rover.  We advise on alternative safari / expedition suspension and can fit winches and auxilliary power generation.

We also build Special Promotions and Show Vehicles and theme park props etc. 


AADSAFARI provides technology for major BBC wildlife film

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