Unlike the 'one-size-fits-all' attitude of most ambulance builders, AADSAFARI listen to client needs in order to produce a vehicle solution that will benefit crew and patients alike. We are a small family business and we pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly to design possibilities and often produce cost effective bodywork with intelligent use of space and materials with extra uses often unforseen by the client.
Unlike most Landrover based ambulance manufacturers, we do not simply produce chassis mounted 'box-vans' .

The high ground clearance needed by 4x4 ambulances can present problems in designing bodywork that meets the needs of medical / rescue operatives and yet retain good equipment storage and road holding. We at AADSAFARI feel that our experience and expertise allow us to go some way in solving these problems with the results successfully in use by medical / scientific / rescue teams at home and abroad

We have also used our experience and expertise in helping the Forestry Commission survey forest roads throughout England.

 Ambulance / Scientific Research Protected Vehicle

Years of losing research vehicles and equipment to robbers in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea prompted the Medical Research Council to find a vehicle with protection against assault, seats for a team of five doctors, scientists and nurses, stowage facilities for equipment and the facility to transport a stretcher-bound patient.
It proved to be an impossible brief, until innovative design by AADSAFARI combined all these features in one design - plus built-in blood sample fridge, roll-over protection, roof stowage, self-recovery winching, wading protection, kevlar skin and windscreen riot guard.

Jungle ambulance supplied on new Landrover Defender 130 chassis with special features.

 Mountain Rescue Ambulance

Our popular mountain rescue ambulance allows seating for five crew members, two stretcher-bound patients, working headroom for resusitation procedure, excellent access, ample equipment storage and yet maintains good road holding.

Fitted with tinted windows for crew observation, this solution can be used as a command vehicle or individual patient plus doctor transport.
Unlike most ambulances, maximum floor area (reduced-slip) is retained by the use of our special under-floor stowable rear staircase.

The vehicle retains a low centre of gravity by the use of lightweight materials where possible.

The vehicle can be fitted with self-recovery winch and is fitted with flashing light / siren configuration to clent specification.




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