Garry Lavin
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Garry is a presenter, engineer, product designer, special vehicle constructor, fabricator, university lecturer and artist.

Garry's family were in the building trade and he began his working life at 16 re-roofing Pennine farmhouses. He then went on to study Industrial Design and Design and Technology Education and worked across the board in hands-on engineering workshops.

At various times he has had his own workshops and has skills in -steel fabrication; welding; iron forging; metals foundry casting; lathe/milling work; special vehicle bodywork construction - for Medical Research Council, BBC wildlife, mountain rescue teams etc., mould making; stone carving;letter carving; dry stone walling; fibreglass work; vehicle painting and finishing; sign making; woodwork/joinery.

He has lectured at several UK Universities and Colleges, teaching students workshop skills, engineering drawing, history of architecture and technology and materials science.

Garry's front of camera television work includes:

Presenter of BBC2's 6 part science/design/social history series - 'Every Home Should Have One'

BBC1's - The One Show

Bearkatt Productions - 'The Man Who Moved the Stones'

Discovery Channel's Daily Planet

Bearkatt Productions - 'Make Your Own'

1A Productions / Scottish Arts Council - 'Garry Lavin's Musical Mystery Tour'

Link to The One Show clips and full showreel: www.youtube.com/garrylavin

Garry is represented by Sara Cameron at Take 3 Management

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Garry Lavin at the Aiggin Stone, Blackstone Edge, Littleborough,  Lancashire

Garry's mock-up of his Bluestones to Stonehenge project at Stonehenge in 2010 - recently trialled in September 2011 even more successfully with a 4 tonne stone at 2.5m long!
Featured on BBC ONE's popular show, The One Show.

His theory, based on existing materials evidence and tested over several years in a variety of locations, is that neolithic man wove several layers of basket around the stones and rolled them laterally.

'I now have insights into Neolithic technology and life that I could only get with hands-on work ' says Garry. 'These revelations have informed my own design work which in turn has opened up more avenues of original thought and design ideas'.

Follow the link here for story on the BBC world news website
- unfortunately there is a mistake on the weights, the smaller weights refer to the small models while the stone in the 2010 trial large 'basket' is approx. three quarters of a tonne:

Also follow the link here:
to the Daily Mail Science Section on the work of technologist and designer Garry Lavin's successful re-creation of the
method of moving the Bluestones 200 miles from Wales to Stonehenge 5000 years ago, based on his extensive research into evidence from the neolithic period and his unique
practical engineering experience and lateral thinking.

Illustration by Garry Lavin of how his successful  stone rolling theory  may have looked in the Neolithic period,  5000 years ago

THE DAILY PLANET is a massively popular daily science show with an excellent report on Garry's plausible new theory, since proved, on how 100 bluestones were moved 200 miles from Wales to Stonehenge and his re-creation of the methods used.

or follow this link to see the whole, entertaining Daily Planet show:

BBC ONE BIG CAT DIARY Simon  King using a sliding camera mount originally designed by Garry Lavin
One of Garry's specially designed  and made armored camera vehicles made for BBC ONE's 'SPY IN THE....' series
Click here for Garry's own